You have bought your sewing machine and basic sewing tools.The next step is to get some tips on setting up your sewing room.

It could be that this is the  first sewing room you want to set up.

Maybe you have been sewing in one corner of your sitting room and now you want a dedicated sewing room.This is the blog post to give you some tips.

When I started sewing, I NEVER even thought of setting up a sewing room.Probable because I was living with my parents at that time.

I had 5 other siblings and we had to make do with just two bedrooms.

Today, after years of sewing, I realize that having a sewing room can be the different between a smooth sewing experience and a frustrating one

. Let’s now go straight to the tips.


For some people, it might be difficult to choose a room just for sewing. Expecially if you are just starting out.

You might not be able to afford having a room just for sewing!That should not deter you.My first dedicated sewing room was actually a section of my living room.!


The most important thing to consider is to choose  a room or space with very good natural lighting. 

To sew well, you need to see well.Sewing in  a poorly lit room will lead to a lot of mistakes and frustrations. 

When you sew in a well lighted room,you tend to relax through the sewing process. When you are relaxed,less mistakes are made with your sewing project.

This brings us to the second tip in setting up your sewing room. 


A decent lighting for your sewing room cannot be overemphasised .Cutting fitting styles and working with patterns needs precision and accuracy. Without a well lighted room, you cannot have good end results .

This blog post contains affiliate links, which when you click and purchase a product will earn me a commission at no cost to you.Please not that I have worked with this products and that is why I recommend them to you.I have found them to be quite useful in my sewing projects

If your sewing room or dedicate sewing space does not have good natural lighting, it is advisable to invest in adjustable lamps .

There are a lot of cost effective energy saving adjustable lamps out there.

You could also try these LED DESK LIGHTS or Magnifying Sewing  lamps below.

LANCOSC Magnifying Glass Desk Lamp

Adjustable Arms Craft Lamp

Dimmable Magnifying Glass Lamp with Clamp,

These lamps are so useful when threading your machines especially as you grow older.They may cost a little. They are however worth every penny you spend on them.

Especially as they can also protect the health of your eyes.



Most sewing machines come with short wires.

Your chosen sewing room might have limited sockets.The solution is to invest in extensions leads

When  shopping for extension leads,try to buy surge protecting versions

9.8ft 15A Extension Cord Surge Protector

Power Strip Tower Surge Protector 

Nekteck Power Strip Surge Protector

 here are a few that has worked well for me .


This is an essential sewing room must have. As long as you are sewing cloths or working with patterns you will need a place to lay them out .

I first started with my dining table. The challenge with that was that I had to reset the table again and again. This turned out to be double work and waste of precious time . With time I started developing neck and back pain. 

It really does not pay to be haunching over a sewing table that is too low for you . All you will gain is a severe back ache .

If it is within your budget it is best to invest on adjustable sewing tables.

There are quite a lot out there. These adjustable tables come with a lot of advantages.

It can be used not just for sewing and cutting fabric but also for storing of your sewing items .Especially the ones you need every time. 

You could even use this tables to do some DIY videos 

With adjustable tables you can sew at a comfortable height ,trace your patters either standing or sitting If you have between 100 to 150 euros to spare ,an adjustable sewing table is a good investment.


A bad sewing chair can make you stop sewing all together . That’s is how important it is to ensure that you get a good chair to sit on and sew .

What should you look out for when choosing a sewing chair ? first ensure that it is firm enough to rest your back on and not too hard to give your back some comfort .

Sometimes going for an adjustable chair with rollers can be of advantage. This saves you from having to get up every time you are looking for a pin , zip or button. You can just roll your chair to where you store the items and roll back to your sewing machine. 

You can checkout  some of these Comfortable sewing chairs. Some can be quite pricey but there are some affordable good ones .

A good sewing chair will not only save you from backache, it’ll help you not to quit your sewing business prematurely.


let’s face it, even if you are a beginner sewer or an advanced professional ,you will always have a lot of different fabrics or fabric pieces all over the place.

Not to mention Pattens, Patten drafting equipment ,sewing accessories and so on.

You need a good storage space in your sewing room to store all of the items neatly. 

You also need a space to store your sewing machines. Even though you start with one sewing machine ,as you grow in your sewing business, you may find yourself buying other machines like Sergers/overlockers or coverstitch machine.

All these need storage space .We all love to work in a beautiful functional well-organized place.

One of the greatest ways to create storage space in your sewing room is to create open shelves on the walls of the room..

You Can put all your fabrics and other sewing accessories in small labelled cartons. You can  buy cartons small cute storage  tote bags .If your budget allows,you could go for customisable storage closets.Here is a link to some  customizable storage closets. When creating storage place,also create a space dedicated for ironing. Ironing boards for sewing come in different sizes. and forms.

ironmatik Space Saver Ironing Board –

STORAGE MANIAC Tabletop Ironing Board 

Honey-Can-Do Foldable Tabletop Ironing Board with Iron Rest



Most times this is not mentioned as parts of a sewing room accessory. But mannequins are quite important since they are great for precision sewing and they function as display piece for your projects.

Having mannequins in your sewing room is quite important because it helps you to get the precise fit either for a dress you’re sewing for yourself or a dress you are sewing for somebody else like a customer.

Adjustable dress forms is a must.Especially if you intend to have a sewing business.

There you have it.My Tips on setting up your sewing room.If there is anything I have not mentioned ,dont hesitate to drop your contributions and comments.

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