Friday, 5 July 2019


 Anybody that  is used to sewing is also  used to doing a lot of body measurements .
Saying that you can make perfect Fitting cloths  with just two measurements can sound unbelievable to such a person.

That was also unbelievable to me until I found the lutterloh pattern  making system.The lutterloh system is a complete package. it offers a wide range of products highlighting different Seasons fashion styles and age ranges.

The system also comes with an instructional videos to help you up and running immediately you get the system.
The world-renowned Lutterloh system comes with all the various tools and equipment you will need to start putting its masterwork system to action including specialised measuring tapes and acrylic curves for use in pattern design and conception.

The special lutterloh catalogue contains 280 fashion styles ..Apart from this, lutterloh also produces seasonal supplement packages. This allows you to stay ahead of the fashion world. .This supplements also include supplements for male and supplements for children which means you can make clothes for your husband for your family and also for your children
Choosing and making your own pattern is the ideal way to create your individual Style and achieve consistently proper fitting garments.The Lutterloh pattern making system is the perfect solution for today's busy fashion designer.

All around the world the fashion conscious people have been using this pattern system for decades beginners and professionals alike. 


The lutterloh pattern making system is for everyone that loves sewing.
Whether you are a learner or you just desire to sew someday or even if you are a professional fashion designer and you have
been sewing for a while, the Lutterloh pattern making system  is a very valuable tool to have. hurry now and get your LUTTERLOH PATTERN making system so that you can begin to sew perfectly fitting clothes with just two measurement.
 your bust and your hips measurements.

Most times seeing an illustration or video explains better than write ups.If you have the time you can watch my youtube video on FULL DETAILS OF THE LUTTERLOH PATTERN HERE
or Watch other informative videos on my you-tube channel

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