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using the lutterloh system

Its such a huge relief that the lutterloh system is finally in Africa and I am the sole marketer right here in Nigeria. It was really a dream come true
since I have always been interested in fashion since my secondary school days . I still remember the first dress I made for my self without having gone for any training whatsoever.I simple loosened a ready made cloth my mum had bought for me and simple copied the pieces.Even though I later became a medical laboratory scientist I still do my sewing on the side.

The Lutterloh - or Golden Rule Pattern-Making - uses two measurements to enlarge patterns to your size. And believe it or not, it seems to work. I find that I have to do a lot less tweaking with Lutterloh patterns than with store-bought ones.

Lutterloh is a German pattern company, operating since the 1930s. See it at www.lutterloh.com, www.sewing-nigeria.com for African buyers  The started set gives you a book with 280 plus patterns (mostly women's patterns) and a measuring tape, thumb tacks and drafting marker. You set one on a piece of pattern paper , Enlarge it by marking out at each point by your measurements, using their special tape measure, for your size.  From my first hour or two playing with it, it seems to work amazingly well, and doesn't take any longer than drawing out a Burda pattern.) 

The concept is beautifully simple. You take your bust and hip measurements, then working from these numbers on a special tape measure, you enlarge the miniature pattern by extending out all round along points marked with the extension.  It is quick and easy once you have practiced a bit, and again, I'd say no slower than drawing out a Burda pattern.

There are patterns for all sorts of people, children, teens, misses, full-figured and a few for men. And the range includes everything from swimsuits to winter coats.The women's patterns can be enlarged to any size (as all Lutterloh patterns can be) but I bring this up because the full-figured patterns are designed to flatter full figure women, but all women can make all patterns to their sizes.

I chose any easy shirt - nothing too complicated - and cut it out this evening. I drew out the pattern, and shortened it above and below the bust.  The front band is drawn at the same time as the front, and has to be cut apart. You have to add seam allowances yourself. Yardage is given, in centimeters, but there is no pattern layout, and no specific instructions. I checked the pattern by walking all the seams, and again it was fine. So I cut, and am in the process of sewing.

Tips for Lutterloh Patterns:

Photocopy the pattern (or I guess, trace it out) so that the original stays in tact.

Use the tape measure provided, or make one by searching Google. You can buy one from the Lutterloh site for about $15 if you don't have one.

Look for this system at thrift stores -it has been around since the 1930s! There are new additions every season, and each year a new started book is put out.

Always pattern fit. Same as any other pattern.

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